Google Release Test DPC App For Android for Work Developers

November 11, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Android for Work was announced by Google earlier this year and brings with it the option to make use of your own smartphone in a more work-oriented context. Along with Android for Work, has come many more advances, features and services which also look to bridge the gap between what a work device and a personal device is. In fact, it seems that the Android for Work platform is one which is seeing a fairly stable and consistent level of adoption. It was only last week when it was reported that roughly 19,000 businesses were making use of the platform.

Of course, these features and apps which make it easier to use your device with Android for Work, do not just arise out of nowhere and do need developers to create them and make them possible. As such, these developers do need access to various tools to make sure that a device performs the way it should do when used in a Work context. Well, it looks like Google has today announced the latest of these apps which are designed to offer developers a greater level of insight to how devices perform when making use of an Android for Work platform.

The new app is the ‘Test DPC’ app and allows developers to turn their devices into Android for Work sample devices. In this state, devices running the app can emulate a device making use of the likes of Android for Work. The Play listing details developers can create profiles and generally see how they respond to Work apps, the various permissions needed, as well as the various security features and policies which will be in place. As such, this is an app which is not intended to be used for anything other than development reasons or by anyone other than developers. In fact, the Play Store listing does explicitly make it clear that this app should never be used with “real data”. However, if you are a developer and are planning to work (or do currently work) on Android for Work related content, then you might want to give the app a try. The app is free and is downloadable via the Play Store link below.