Google Play Gift Codes Can Now be Sent in Emails


Ever since the Play Store evolved from the old Android Market, Google has been pushing and pushing to offer more of a content-focused store, rather than just apps and games. While gaming has taken off massively in the Play Store, so too has purchasing books and magazines, as well as movies, TV and music. Unsurprisingly, it wasn't too long before Google Play Gift Cards were made available by Google, and since then the Play Store has become a serious source of revenue for Google and an even bigger part of the overall Android platform.

The idea of spending physical money on something that ends up being digital is not new, iTunes vouchers have been thrown into birthday cards and mailed to people over the Holidays for a long, long time now. The same is true with the Google Play Gift Card, but it's 2015 and the idea that the majority of people will go out of their way to put one of these in the post isn't as likely as it would have been say five years ago. Which is why it's nice to see that Google has finally added the United States to the list of territories that can send Google Play Gift Codes via email. This means you can send someone a little cash to splurge on games over movies with just an email address, further putting snail mail out of business.


The US now joins the list of Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom. Not earth shattering news by any means, but some great timing on Google's part here. Just in time to help someone out who has spent all their own money on a fancy new Android phone or tablet, or to help someone get that latest game and stay sane during Thanksgiving while everyone else is sleeping it off. Either way, this makes things a lot easier for the majority of users, and it's about time that the Play Store gained such a modern feature. if you're not in the US and are wondering what amounts and how Google Play Gift Cards are available where you are, you can take a look at the source link below.

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