Google Fit Update Brings Improved Monitoring Features


Google has an app for just about everything nowadays. Whether you need directions to where you are going, check your emails or even watch some videos, Google has an app for that. In fact, if you are into keeping in shape and monitoring your health, than Google has an app for that too, the aptly named, Google Fit app. The app was launched by Google about this time last year and instantly gained quite a lot of attention, just like how any app released by Google does. However, over the year, the updates, although frequent, have not brought massive amounts of functionality with them. Well, this week has already seen reports that the Google Fit app is bringing a personal trainer to Android Wear and now we are starting to get a better idea of where the app is going in the future.

The latest update brings with it quite a few new features. The first is being dubbed 'Instant Insights' and is rather self-explanatory. This will in short, offer quick overviews of your stats for runs walks, rides and so on. The next new feature on offer is 'Strength Training' and this essentially allows you to add challenges to your Android Wear device and the device will then be able to monitor your progress with the challenges. For instance, counting the number of push ups or sit ups and so on. The next feature being announced is 'The Whole Picture' and this one is designed to make Fit work in a more integrated fashion with your other health apps. So if you monitor your diet or count calories, this feature will be able to pull that information from those other apps and provide you with further updates on how you are doing.


As per usual, the announcement does detail that these new features will begin rolling out to the Fit app in the next few days. Again, as per usual, these are normally rolled out in a more sporadic manner, so not everyone will see the update rolling out to their devices at the same time. If you have yet to give Google Fit a try, then it is available to download for free from the Play Store.

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