FreedomPop To Launch WiFi Focused Phone Next Year

For those who are often looking for a good deal on their cellular service, they will probably be familiar with FreedomPop. If not personally, then they will have undoubtedly heard the name being said quite a lot. FreedomPop have developed quite the name for themselves by offering significantly cheaper services (sometimes free) along with a growing list of compatible smartphones.

Well the latest coming in is that FreedomPop are about to take the next step in the natural progression by introducing their own purpose built smartphone. At the movement, the details are extremely limited regarding the smartphone. For instance, there does not seem to be currently any firm details on the specs of the device, likewise, the name of the device seems to be unknown for now. However, what has become known is that the FreedomPop phone will be available sometime next year. In terms of the partnerships being used, FreedomPop have also not revealed any details of who will be building the smartphone, but have reportedly stated that it is a 'well-known manufacturer'. One of the firmer details though, is that the new phone will certainly come with an Intel chip inside as this is clearly being pushed as a joint venture between the two. Taking into consideration Intel's recent struggle to get manufacturers to adopt their chipsets, this new route marks for a more innovative approach from Intel to gain traction in the mobile market.

As to be expected with a FreedomPop phone, this is one which is designed to offer a really affordable alternative to the carriers that are currently available. The FreedomPop phone will do this by having a clear emphasis on the use of WiFi connections as well as some cellular ones, when needed. In terms of availability, the FreedomPop phone is said to be launching in the UK first as a 3G model. Which follows on from their recent entrance into the U.K market. It is believed that the UK launch will then be followed by a 4G supported version of the FreedomPop phone will then be released in the U.S. As to be expected, details on pricing are pretty much nonexistent, although it is expected that all sales and availability will be conducted directly through FreedomPop who will be pushing this as their main network device.

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