Founder Of Google+, Vic Gundotra, Will Become AliveCor's CEO


Vic Gundotra is a rather well-known person in the tech circles, especially if follow the happenings surrounding Google and Google+. Mr. Gundotra has actually created Google+, one of the bigger social networks out there. He has been travelling for about a year now with his family, and has finally released some info regarding his future via Google+ yesterday. He has announced that he'll be back to work soon, as the CEO of AliveCor, which is a US-based health startup that has received FDA's approval to use mobile devices in order to detect heart conditions. Sounds interesting? Well, it kind of is, read on.

Mr. Gundotra claims he was rather hesitant getting back to the tech world after leaving Google, but has finally found something that fits him, something small and worthwhile. "Ever since I left Google, the offers have always come in pretty consistently, but it's pretty hard to get me excited to go do something," said Mr. Gundotra. This is a completely new field for him, but he did mention he has compassion for people with such issues considering his father died from a heart attack. All in all, he seems rather eager to start working on something new, and doesn't seem all that preoccupied with the past, which is always a good thing.


As a side note, it is worth mentioning that Vic Gundotra left Google a year ago, after which that part of Google split into two pieces, Photos and Streams. Google+ is considered to be a failure by quite a few people, while others see it as something different and somewhat successful. Either way, it's nice to see Mr. Gundotra back in the tech field, even though he's not back and Google and won't be directly involved in any of the projects big companies are working on at the moment. It is also worth mentioning that AliveCor didn't directly confirm that Vic Gundotra is going to become their CEO, they said the following: "years of experience spanning consumer and technology products". Those are the words they used to announce their upcoming CEO, and thanks to Vic's post on Google+, it's now quite obvious what follows next.

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