Fitbit Adds New Features To Trackers For Better Workouts

AH Fitbit Charge HR 13

In the world of fitness and activity trackers, Fitbit is by and large the most popular, offering a range of different trackers to consumers depending on their needs, all which connect up to the Desktop dashboard software and the mobile app on Android devices where users can see and interact/manage their stats, goals, alarms and other features of the trackers. Fitbit’s software and app are already pretty robust, but Fitbit isn’t completely satisfied with what all consumers can do, so today they’ve just announced that they’re adding in new features for those that exercise with a Fitbit tracker or are considering the possibility.

The two included new features are SmartTrack, and weekly exercise goals, with an improvement to the existing PurePulse being the third feature on offer. SmartTrack is aimed at users of the Fitbit Charge HR and the Fitbit Surge, and allows for a more intuitive workout tracking experience. It does this by auto recording activities, of which there are a handful of workouts and exercise types that support the new feature. Fitbit says that anything with continuous movement can be auto recognized by SmartTrack, like walking, running, cycling, elliptical training, Aeorbic workouts and exercise classes, as well as sports like Tennis, Basketball, and Soccer. Users can also fine tune the SmartTrack feature a little bit by adjusting the amount of time they require for performing certain activities.

PurePulse is also aimed at just the Fitbit Charge HR and Fitbit Surge users as it deals with the integrated heart rate sensors. This is more or less just an update to the PurePulse technology that already exists within these two trackers, but it does improve the overall heart rate tracking experience, and Fitbit says users should see the performance improvements during exercise. Lastly, Fitbit has added in weekly exercise goals, and these are available to users of any Fitbit tracker, however, the feature isn’t quite live on Android just yet but it will be in the near future. It will allow users to set weekly goals they want to hit based on how many days they’re going to be active, so users can set the number of days and then get a personalized weekly goal. Motivation can be everything when you’re trying to achieve something, and once a new weekly goal is set Fitbit will motivate users by showing them pictures of their progress so far. If you own a Fitbit Surge or Fitbit Charge HR, the new SmartTrack feature and the improved PurePulse performance are already available.