Featured: Top 10 Photo Editing Apps for Android

Snapseed AH 1

Cameras on mobile devices have really come a long way in the past few years. Going from not getting great pictures out of our smartphones, to now getting amazing images. A little bit of editing can make these images even better though. There are some great, and very powerful, photo editors available for Android. So let’s check out a few.


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Since being acquired by Google, Snapseed has undergone quite a few changes, but it’s still one of the best photo editing apps out there. With all sorts of different filters, frames, and so much more. The auto tuning for images is also almost perfect. Just run your photo through Snapseed real quick, and you’ll be amazed at what happens.


Photo Editor Pro

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This is another great photo editing app, and has an outstanding auto-enhance feature which makes your good pictures look great. Of course, it wouldn’t be a photo editing app without filters, and there are plenty of those. We also have the ability to make photo collages right there in the app. Great for uploading to Instagram and such.


Adobe Photoshop Express

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Photoshop is probably the most popular photo editing app on the desktop, and now it’s here on your smartphone. If you subscribe to Creative Cloud, then you’ll get all of the features of Photoshop Express. It’s the most powerful photo editor on Android right now. You can fix blemishes, fix the color, auto correct everything and so much more.



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Not necessarily a full-featured photo editor like some of these others here, but PicCollage allows you to create collages from pictures in your gallery. There are several different designs you can choose from as well. PicCollage allows you to share these collages anywhere you’d like, which is often times Instagram.


Layout from Instagram

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This is another one that allows you to create collages of pictures that have already been taken (Google Photos can do it automatically). Layout is from Instagram, so you are able to use pictures you’ve posted to Instagram even if they aren’t on your account. Additionally, you can seamlessly post the finished product to Instagram.


Photo Editor

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Just as the name suggests, this is a photo editor. It’s a pretty comprehensive photo editor as well. With the usual tools to allow you to fix the color or blemishes as well as auto enhance the picture. Not to mention the slew of frames, filters and so much more that are available in this app. And it’s all free without a single in-app purchase.



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Pixlr is another pretty popular photo editing app, here from Autodesk. It’s a pretty simple photo editing tool, allowing you to make your pictures even better, without spending much time on them at all. With Pixlr, you can also add all sorts of great effects and such to your picture and really make them unique.


PicsArt Photo Studio

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PicsArt Photo Studio has over 250 million installs, so it must be pretty good, right? Right. This is a great all-in-one photo editing app. With some of your favorite filters, frames, effects and so much more. There is also a collage maker built-in to the application, not to mention you can take a picture right there in the app and edit it without jumping between apps. Talk about convenience.


PIP Camera – Photo Effect

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This app has a camera, but also all the photo editing tools you could ever want. We have the ability to make amazing collages in the PIP Camera as well, and of course share those in any app we wish to do so. They have some really unique effects available in the app, like picture in picture, which can bring some amazing images.


Photo Collage Editor

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Here’s another photo collage editor that is great for making some great memories all into one photo that you can share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or anywhere else. This app also has plenty of creative photo frames available for your collages, to really give it that personal touch. The UI of the app is nice and simple, making it easy to make some great collages.