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Regardless of whether or not you have a FitBit, Jawbone or something similar our smartphones are packed full of sensors and such to help us get fit. Of course, it's not just about these apps, but more so the motivation that you should gain from such apps to keep on filling up those logs, clocking up those steps and burning those calories. If you want to get an insight into certain parts of your health or just build up a database of your regular activities to give you a starting point, all of these apps should work brilliantly no matter what you want to do.

Runtastic Running GPS Tracker

Runtastic is a fabulous place to start. Whether you're running or just going for a walk, Runtastic needs just a GPS lock and a spot in your pocket to do a fairly decent job of mapping out your route and your pace. It does need a decent GPS lock, but it works well in the majority of cases. For a lot of people, it'll work well and the online side of things will keep you going.

Under Armour Record

For those a little more serious in what they plan to achieve, Under Armour's Record app is a great option. it can take data from a number of sources including popular fitness trackers, but it will also work on its own provided you're disciplined enough to add in your workouts and such on your own steam.

Sleep Better with Runtastic

Sleep is just as important to our overall health as our diet and exercise routine is. This app from Runtastic does a good job of giving you some sort of insight in to your sleep patterns. It's not all that accurate as it sits by your pillow, but again there's no need to have a tracker with this, so it's a nice alternative without having to wear something on your wrist or make another investment.

Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal

It's been said countless times before and will forever remain true; no matter how hard you work, you can't outwork nutrition. For those really looking to change, taking stock of what you're currently eating is a great place to start, cutting down is a lot easier when you know what you eat, and if you're honest with yourself, something like a Calorie Counter can be a massive help to lose weight.

UP by Jawbone - UP2/3/4/Phone

UP is from the makers of the Jawbone line of fitness trackers, but this particular version of the app works with or without one. That means that you can get a taste for this sort of thing and purchase a Jawbone UP at a later date. This is one of the few fitness tracker apps that allows you to do just your phone or your fitness tracker, and it's well worth looking into. Of course, it will be more accurate with a Jawbone UP, but this is a good way of seeing if this whole tracking thing is for you in the first place.

Strava Running and Cycling GPS

Strava has been around for some time now, and like Runtastic it relies on your GPS to get things done, but unlike Runtastic it's focused towards cycling. It works great for runners as well, but it's really a perfect match for cyclists. Providing a feed of where you've been and how long you took, Strava is the app for those looking to clock up mile after mile and log it all in one app.

Google Fit - Fitness Tracking

Google Fit is an all-round solution from the same people that created Android in the first place, and it certainly shows. This is an excellent app for those that are looking to get some good insights about their daily habits, with or without a tracker on their wrist. With the ability to share and sync with lots of other services, this is a great app to get some good data, and if you're an Android Wear user, this is a brilliant app to make the most of the sensors in your fancy new watch.

Lose it!

Lose It! is something that has really caught on in the last couple of years and it's a great way of tracking your overall health and intake. It's colorful and good-looking on Android, which is nice as the last thing you want to be when trying to lose weight is stressed out. With hooks for all the popular fitness trackers as well, this is a good starting point that could keep you going as well.

Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach

Getting out there for a walk or a jog is the best way to lose weight, and walking on its own is good for the mind as fellas toning muscles with little impact on your body. Regardless, it's nice to see how you're progressing and tracking your results and such is a good way of ensuring you continue to keep up with things and this app will get the job done with nothing but your phone.

S Health -Fitness Diet Tracker

S Health used to be an app that was only available for those with Samsung Android phones, but now it's available for everyone, and it's well worth looking into. It allows users to track their food and drink intake, it measures your steps and such and can be a great way of tracking your weight as well as your activities all in one well-polished Android app.

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