Featured: Top 10 Best Icon Packs for Android

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One of the best features of Android is the customizability. With Android you can customize just about everything. From the launcher to the notification drawer and even the icons. There are many graphic designers out there that have created some pretty awesome icon packs, and we have rounded up about ten of our favorites in this post.


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This icon pack features dark glyphs with a special color drop shadow making the icons look pretty amazing. The developer has really paid attention to detail with these icons here. He also notes that he developed them at 512×512 dimensions and then resized them to 192×192 (the dimensions required by the system) which ensures that there is no loss in quality. Additionally we have a slew of material wallpapers available in the cloud.



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Currently, Glim has over 1500 icons that are themed. And there are even more in the paid version. There are also over 2250 alternative icons that can be used for things like the dialer, Hangouts, Gmail, App Drawer, and many others. Glim also comes with a slew of great looking wallpapers which you can both save and set as your wallpaper with ease.



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For those that like pastel type icons, this is a great one to take a look at. Currently, there are 3,380 icons included in this icon pack, and more coming each week. Included are over 60 HD wallpapers, which will look stunning on your smartphone or tablet. It also works with a slew of launchers like Nova, ADW, Action, Aviate and many more.



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The developer markets this icon pack as “beautiful, flat and Material”, that’s enough to catch our eyes. The icons in Polycon do look amazing. Polycon has a ton of icons already themed, and loads of wallpapers included in the dashboard. Not to mention it supports all of the major third-party launchers, as you’d expect.



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Sunshine icon pack is made from the latest material palette of colors. It currently includes 1660 icons, so more than likely all of your apps will be themed with this icon pack. And if not, you can always request them through the app that’s included. Making it really easy. There are also a handful of wallpapers available with the Sunshine icon pack.



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Here’s a great circle-based icon pack here, named Rondo. We’re looking at 2061 icons that are themed, bi-weekly updates are coming with more and more icons being themed. There are also 19 wallpapers included in the app, which you are free to download and/or set as your wallpaper on your home screen and lock screen.


Flatee Icon Pack

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Flatee is an oldie but a goodie, and actually it got totally redesigned not too long ago. Flatee is made up of round and flat icons. There are over 1450 icons that are themed, and more coming in each weekly update to the app. There are also a slew of HD wallpapers which are stored in the cloud, which helps keep the size of the icon pack down, for those with not a whole lot of storage space.



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This icon pack brings you square material design icons. There are over 2000 icons included, and it costs $0.99. Included in the dashboard app is a way to request new icons, and if you want them sooner, there’s a premium icon request tool also. There are also over 100 wallpapers included, which are stored in the cloud.



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This is another round and flat icon pack, and it includes 3,370 icons with over 30 HD wallpapers available for you to choose from. Elun is compatible with most third-party launchers, including Nova, Aviate, Action, ADW, and many others. Elun gets weekly updates which bring in even more themed icons.


Neon Glow

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For those that like a Neon style home screen, Samer Zayer has a great icon pack here. We’re looking at 1660 HD icons included in the icon pack, as well as more coming with each update. The icon pack also includes UHD wallpapers, that will work for every smartphone, no matter what screen resolution you have.