Featured: Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers – Nov. 2015


Bluetooth Speakers come in all shapes and sizes, as well as sound qualities. There are some great ones out there, and there are some not so great ones out there. Allow us to pick through those and deliver you the best Bluetooth speakers for the month of November.

Bose SoundLink



Some love Bose, some, not so much. But they do make some top-quality products and the SoundLink is no different. It's a relatively small Bluetooth Speaker, and includes about 8 hours of battery life. Bose also offers the SoundLink in a variety of colors including black, blue, red and white.

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JBL Charge 2


Need a Bluetooth Speaker that can put out a lot of sound, JBL has your back with their Charge 2 Bluetooth Speaker. Here we have a Bluetooth Speaker that has 360-Degree sound, and it sounds amazing. This one can also bring you about 10 or more hours of continuous playback and is lightweight. Making it easy to take with you.


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SoundBot HD Shower Speaker



Who doesn't love singing in the shower? This one you can attach to the wall in your shower and listen to your favorite tunes while you get fresh and clean. Obviously, since this is a shower speaker, this is a water-resistant speaker. It also uses Bluetooth 3.0 for connecting to your smartphone.

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TaoTronics Boom X Bluetooth Speaker



This speaker from TaoTronics is a great looking one, and puts out some amazing sound. You've got really deep bass, as well as some really rich sound out of this inexpensive speaker. Not to mention, it looks pretty nice on the desk. It also has some pretty stellar battery life, around 10 or more hours.

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UE BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


UE or Ultimate Ears, is a smaller, lesser known brand in terms of audio. But they have some fantastic Bluetooth speakers, like the UE BOOM Here. This has 360-degree sound, which sounds amazing. As well as some pretty great battery life. We're looking at around 12 hours of continuous playback or longer.


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JBL Pulse Bluetooth Speaker


JBL has a great looking speaker here, it's called the Pulse, and the reason for that is the pulsing colors running up and down the speaker, and they play according to the music. Which is pretty sweet. Not to mention the battery life we have here, which is around 10 hours of continuous playback.

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Harman Kardon Onyx Bluetooth Speaker


If you know Harman Kardon, then you know this is going to be a great speaker. This is a great looking speaker to sit on your desk, or hook up to your home entertainment system. And it has some amazing sound coming out of it.

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Braven 705 Bluetooth Speaker


The Braven 705 is one of their cheaper Bluetooth speakers, and Braven is known for their build quality as well as sound quality and you get both here in the 705. Not to mention some pretty stellar battery life. Lasting around 10-12 hours, depending on the volume you are using it at.

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JBL Micro II Bluetooth Speaker


Looking for a rather small Bluetooth Speaker? JBL has you covered with the Micro II, which is a small Bluetooth speaker that you can easily clip to your backpack or even belt loop, and get some pretty amazing sound out of it.

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