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Now that 'next-gen' is 'current-gen' and many of the big name franchises have finally hit these consoles it's no wonder that so many of us are enjoying these new experiences. For a lot of gamers though, their smartphone and tablets are big parts of their lives as well, but the two can live side-by-side these days. In this latest look at 10 of the best Android apps for PlayStation gamers we list some everyday apps for PlayStation gamers as well as some companion apps for the biggest games out there.

Fallout Pip-Boy

Ah yes, Fallout 4, has a game ever crept up on us so quickly before this? For those that didn't get their hands on a Pip-Boy edition of the game - I feel your pain - the Pip-Boy app is still not useless. In fact, it performs wonderfully and is especially good for dealing with your inventory as well as the map. Connection is real-time and you can use this just fine when playing, with no issues at all.

SingStar Mic

Something a little more family-oriented now and the SingStar Mic does exactly what you think it does. If you only have one mic and want to sing along with some friends or family, this will turn a compatible Android phone into a microphone, completely free of charge. This is a nice idea and can save you a few bucks, for sure.

ePSXe for Android

Our smartphones and tablets are getting more and more powerful now, and it's no surprise we can emulate systems of old. With ePSXe for Android players can, *ahem* acquire *ahem*, games from their youth and play them on their Android device. Results aren't always perfect for every game and some of the later PlayStation titles might struggle on your devices, but to relive the best Final Fantasy games and Street Fighter Alpha, this gets the job done nicely.

PS4 Remote Play

If you want to play real PS4 games on your smartphone, there is some good news and some bad news. For one thing, you'll need a Sony smartphone and an official DualShock 4 controller, then again if you already have a PS4 you have that one covered. This works just as it does with the PS Vita, albeit with better controls as you're using an actual DualShock, but for those without a Sony phone, there is hope yet.

FIFA 16 Companion App

FIFA is a lot of things, but the video games are excellent competitive multiplayer games and a lot of this revolves around the Ultimate Team part of the game. For those really into their Ultimate Team setups, this companion app does wonders to keep updated on the move, regardless of whether or not you're on PS4 or PS3.

PPSSPP - PSP emulator

More classic goodness comes to Android with the confusingly named PPSSPP emulator for Android that brings the original PlayStation Portable's lineup to your current portable. You will again need to - acquire - your own games here, but this does a good job of getting some unsung heroes of portable gaming onto your Android device!


Despite being available on numerous platforms, there's always been something distinctly PlayStation about the Metal Gear franchise, and with its latest - and perhaps last? - release, The Phantom Pain, PlayStation players can use their Android devices like never before, and once again it's all about the maps here!

Sixaxis Controller

If you have a spare DualShock 3 or shiny DualShock 4 you want to use for everything, this little Android app is the one to use. There's a compatibility checker as well to make sure you're good to go, and there's nothing like being able to use a proper gaming controller with the great games that keep on coming out these days. YMMV with something like this, but we're sure it'll be good for the majority of users.


Twitch is something that has become a big part of people's lives these days and for a lot of people it's their only source of programming these days. Either way, Twitch is great for catching streams of the best new games as well as your favorite gamers and well, it's Twitch!

SW Battlefront Companion

One more companion app here, and this is a big one. Star Wars Battlefront is the first Triple A Star Wars game since the Force Unleashed series, and this is the app that will keep the love going. Of course, for those that haven't got the game yet this isn't much good, but for those looking to show off to friends no matter where they are, this brings all your stats with you!

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