Featured Review: 1byone 2-Port & 4-Port USB Car Chargers


One area which has seen significant growth of late, is that of the portable battery and car charging market. As devices have become far more battery intensive and battery-capacity draining, the need to keep devices topped up and in a usable state, while out and about, is becoming a prevailing issue. As a result, the car charging and power markets are seeing a significant increase in the number of sales and likewise, the number of options that are now available. In fact, the choice of car chargers is now quite extensive with manufacturers even offering different options to combat the different needs of the consumer. Here, we are taking a quick look at two of the options from 1byone.com, with each designed for those looking for car chargers to satisfy different needs.

The first charger we are looking at is the 1byone 4.8A / 24W Dual USB SMART Car Charger. This is designed to be your go-to car charger which can be used by pretty much with any device that you have. This one comes offering two USB ports, which output a combined total of 4.8-amps. Essentially, 2.4-amps per port. As a result, users can charge two devices at the same time and ensure that both receive an equal level of charge. During testing, this was found to be exactly the case. The 1byone 4.8A / 24W Dual USB SMART Car Charger does offer a very stable and reliable way to charge two devices at the same time. This charger was able to undergo long periods of charging without any major issues noted and as such proved to be a very capable charger which can easily charge two devices without issue.


In terms of the general design of this charger, this one is clearly designed to be a charger which is much more durable than others. The build quality and design makes this charger feel very much as though it is one to literally be thrown in the car. The top of the charger comes with a more rugged and durable feel and will be able to take much more of a daily level of usage than other chargers. Keeping in mind that this is a dual port charger, this is a nice and compact charger, one which can easily be set aside in the glove compartment or any of the car pockets without taking up too much room. The durable build of the charger will ensure you won't have to worry about it, when it is not in use.

The second charger we are taking a look at is the 1byone 9.6A / 48W 4-Port USB SMART Car Charger. This one is the more functional of two chargers and is designed to ensure those who need to charge more than two devices at any one time, can do so easily. In contrast to the previous two port charger, the 1byone 9.6A / 48W 4-Port USB SMART Car Charger is a quad port charger and offers the ability to charge up to four devices at the same time. In terms of the power, this one offers a total output of 48-watts and 9.6-amps. This again, equates to an even split of power with each port designed to receive 2.4-amps individually. During testing, all four ports were never really tested in any meaningful capacity simultaneously. However, when tested, the ports seemed to deliver a good and consistent charge. This was irrespective of which port was used. There were also no issues with the four way port in terms of overheating. As mentioned, the four ports at the same time were not tested or prolonged periods, however, when being used and irrespective of how many ports were being used at any given time, the charger never seemed to suffer from any overheating issues and consistently provided a reliable charge.

In terms of the design of this charger, and in contrast to the first charger, this one certainly feels much more sleek and sophisticated. This one comes sporting a very vibrant red and black coloring (is also available in a standard all-black color option too) which instantly does stand out. Not to mention, the general feel of the charger is far more smoother than the last one. In spite of this being a quad port charger, it is still surprisingly compact and once again, is a charger where you will not have to worry too much about storage or having to keep it somewhere when not in use. This is a small four way charger and one which can be easily hidden.


It is also worth noting that both of these charges are 'smart' chargers. Which essentially means that either charger has the ability to intelligently identify and adapt to your individual device's power consuming needs. So although, they are rated to deliver 2.4-amp charges to any particular device, if your device requires a lesser charger, either charger will be able to identify this need and deliver the rate of charge that your device is comfortable with. So, if you have a tablet which requires a 2-amp charge and a smartphone which requires a 1-amp charge plugged in at the same time, the tablet will only get the 2-amps and the smartphone the 1-amp. Therefore, ensuring any connected devices never have to worry about being over-charged. In fact, both of these chargers also do come with all the typical safety features in place, so you do not have to worry about overcharging, overheating or otherwise.

Overall, both of these chargers did perform really well during testing and did not raise any significant or notable issues. Depending on what your needs are, will determine which charger is best for you. The 1byone two-port charger is a durable, well-built and compact charger, while the quad-core charger is far more sleeker and will obviously power more devices at the same time. In terms of pricing, both chargers are on sale from their normal listed prices and as such are both great options to go for. The 1byone 4.8A / 24W Dual USB SMART Car Charger is currently on sale for $10.99, while the 1byone 9.6A / 48W 4-Port USB SMART Car Charger will currently set you back $12.99.

Buy the 1byone 4.8A / 24W Dual USB SMART Car Charger $10.99


Buy the 1byone 9.6A / 48W 4-Port USB SMART Car Charger $12.99

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