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There are many types of mobile games available and certainly enough to suit the tastes for all kinds of people, and if you enjoy the types of mobile titles which can easily keep your attention thanks to addicting gameplay, you may not want to pass up Bullet Boy. This may be especially fun and even a little bit nostalgic for those who grew up playing games on the N64 and in particular, Donkey Kong Country, as much of the gameplay seems to be reminiscent of the levels in which you had to shoot Donkey Kong from barrel to barrel to barrel just to get across the level, only instead of Donkey Kong, you play Bullet Boy.

Even with this small similarity, there are of course, plenty of unique elements to the game which should be rather delightful, not the least of which are the list of power-ups you can acquire to boost your abilities. There's a fairly large set of levels to play through with over 60 in total, and there can be a fair bit of challenge to the game for those who don't like things too easy, as things can become more chaotic and rapid fire. In addition to needing to tap the screen quickly to avoid certain objects, you'll have to be weary of other obstacles that you need to dodge too like birds and buildings.

Bullet Boy is free download, and the developers are promising even more levels and content like new zones with future updates to give players even more Bullet Boy to consume, and the game is already offering up quite a bit to do. The friendly characters and whimsical graphic style also make this a great game to keep the kids entertained but keep in mind this a free game with in-app purchases available. If you're someone that enjoys games that can be easily picked up and played for just five minutes, Bullet Boy fits into this category. It's also easy to get addicted to playing and spend an hour or more blasting your way through the levels. If you want to give Bullet Boy a shot, you can pick it up from the Play Store.

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