Edge Lighting On The Galaxy S6 Edge Stars In New Ad

Edge Lighting Galaxy S6 Edge Ad

The flagship phones that Samsung made this year are considered among the most powerful ones, they feature some of the best internals out there and they are finally designed to look and feel like premium devices as they were built with glass in the front and back and a metal frame holding them together. The Galaxy S6 Edge (or the S6 Edge+, for that matter) looks particularly good because of the display that subtlety curves on the sides. According to Samsung, they designed such a screen to provide a more immersive experience while gaming or playing videos, but it also offers some functionality to improve the overall experience.

In addition to the Information Stream that was previously seen in the Galaxy Note Edge, which provides information from certain feeds, users can swipe from the curved edges to see shortcuts of their frequently used apps or contacts. Plus, there’s a new way to know who’s messaging or calling when the phone is facing down with Edge Lighting. With this function, users are able to choose a specific color for their favorite contacts and the edges will light accordingly with subtle animations. The heart-rate sensor on the back can also be used to send Quick Replies to let your contacts know you’re not available. This feature is the star on Samsung’s latest ad for the Galaxy S6 Edge.

It’s no secret that Samsung spends a lot of money on their advertising campaigns and they often make fun of other phones while highlighting some exclusive features. The ad starts with an iPhone (Galaxy S series arch nemesis) vibrating, and then a bunch of other phones from various brands including Microsoft, Blackberry, Motorola and LG are filmed making noise with their vibrating motors. The video is edited so that the phones perform the song “Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)” by Steam with their vibrations. Some of those phones even move on certain surfaces, so their powerful vibrating motor makes them prone to falling. Suddenly, the video goes completely silent and we can see a Galaxy S6 Edge on a table. Shortly after, the edge of the screen gets illuminated with a blue hue animation and the text “A whole new way to see alerts” appears on screen. Then, it changes to “Say hello to Edge Lighting” and we get to see a demo of the Quick Reply function. The video ends with the message “Only on Galaxy S6 Edge”, so clearly the company wants all of us without a Galaxy S6 Edge to kiss our phones goodbye.