Deal: Fitbit Flex Activity Tracker $74.99 -Dead

November 24, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Wearables are big business nowadays. In fact, it is a market which looks to becoming considerably bigger going forward with a number of new products and manufacturers looking to enter the industry. However, while smartphones continue to slowly rise in their own sub-market prominence, the real wearables market seems to be the fitness activity and tracking market. Which is not that surprising as the fitness products on offer are purpose designed for an already booming fitness industry. One of the leaders in this market is undoubtedly Fitbit who already offer a number of products.

One of their best selling and popular products is the Fitbit Flex which comes with the ability to offer feedback and tracking on a number of your daily activities including tracking your steps, distance, calories and active minutes. That is as well as tracking your sleep. In fact, one of the big benefits of the Flex is that it extremely customizable with a ton of optional straps and accessories on offer. Click here to check out a deal on a selection of straps from Amazon. The normal price for the Fitbit Flex typically comes in around the $99.99 marker. However, you can currently pick up the Fitbit Flex for only $74.99 through a deal on eBay.

Fitbit Flex Wireless Fitness Activity Tracker $74.99