Cyber Monday Deal: Huawei Watch $50 Off

November 30, 2015 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

We’ve seen quite a few Android Wear-powered smartwatches being announced this year, and a couple of them sport circular design. The Moto 360 (2nd-gen) is quite probably the best known for its rounded display, but Huawei has released one such smartwatch also, and Huawei’s offerings doesn’t sport the ‘flat tire’ in the bottom of the display. In other words, Huawei Watch actually offers a full 360 display, unlike the Moto 360. That being said, the Huawei Watch is quite pricey, so in case you’re interested in purchasing one for yourself, you should know that a Cyber Monday deal is currently live on Amazon. In case you’re interested in the Stainless Steel variant of this watch with a Mesh Band and live in the US, you can now get the watch for $349.99 ($50 off).

The Huawei Watch is made out of metal, and its design is quite sleek all around. The watch sports one physical button in the upper right corner of its body, and a 1.4-inch full circle AMOLED display (400 x 400) is available up front. The watch also ships with 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage, and a 300mAh battery. Bluetooth 4.1 LE is also a part of this package, and the watch is compatible with both Android (4.3+) and iOS (8.2+). Now, the Huawei Watch is still not exactly cheap, but those of you who have been looking into buying this watch, this is your chance. In case you’re interested, check out our full review of the Huawei Watch, and if you’d like to buy one, click on the Amazon link / banner down below.

Huawei Watch (Mesh Band)