Chromecast Dominates Q3 Sales With 35% Market Share


It is the Holiday season now and in the next few weeks, many will be looking to pick up gifts for friends, family, colleagues and so on. While some will be opting for higher priced ticket items, it is many of the lower priced and pocket-friendly items which might prove to be the most popular choices in the last quarter of 2015. In fact, with Black Friday gone and Cyber Monday now ongoing, many might be currently in the process of picking up a gift or two today.

Well, if the third quarter was anything to go by, then it looks like digital media streaming devices might be a big hit during the Holiday season. A couple of days ago, Strategy Analytics released their latest report and one which looks to highlight the state of the digital media streamer market and according to their information, the digital media streaming device market for the third quarter of 2015 saw an estimated 9.2 million units being sold. Of that over nine million units, Google's Chromecast managed to secure a 35-percent share. Which means it significantly outsold every other streaming device and by a wide margin – with the difference between the Chromecast and the second best selling device, the Apple TV, being about 15-percent (with the Apple TV occupying a 20-percent share of the market overall). Amazon's Fire TV takes the third spot with 16-percent market share. Although, this was the same percentage which was said to have been occupied by Roku, essentially, tying the two devices in third place The ominous 'Others' occupied the remaining 13-percent of the market.


Of course, the fourth quarter figures will be far more interesting and telling, as in addition to this being the holiday and gift giving season, all of the big companies, Google, Amazon, Apple and Roku, will have all had their next-gen devices available to buy. Which was not something which occurred throughout the entirety of the third quarter. As such, it will be interesting to see who will be the clear winner of the next-gen media streaming devices, when the next quarterly results are made available in the coming months.

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