Chrome On Mobile Now Being Used By 800M Monthly Users


When it comes to choosing a mobile browser for your smartphone, there are currently plenty of options to choose from on the Play Store. However, if you are someone who likes the ease and familiarity of the Google ecosystem, then chances are that you make use of the Chrome browser. This is regardless of whether you are on the Android or iOS platform.

If that is the case, then it would seem that you are not alone. As Google has announced today that their Chrome browser is currently being used by more than 800 million users each month. This number equates to the number of users over both mobile platforms, Android and iOS with Google seemingly not providing any further or more detailed information in regards to how many of that 800 million are Android users solely. Although, it is probably fair to assume, the majority are likely to be. Especially considering that as far back as July, Chrome for Android was one of the Google apps that had reached the one billion installs marker. The announcement came from Google during their two-day Chrome Dev Summit event which is currently underway at Mountain View. This is the first day of the event and during which, they dropped the massive number of uses that Chrome now seems to have.


What makes this number even more impressive, is that this time last year, the number said to be making use of Chrome on mobile devices was only around the 400 million marker. As such, in the last twelve months alone, Chrome has seen its number of users effectively double. According to the information, when you factor in the desktop usage of Chrome as well, then the number of active monthly users surprises the one billion marker. Which does clearly highlight that a large percentage of Chrome users are making use of the browser from a mobile device. For those that are interested in hearing more coverage from the Chrome Dev Summit over the next two days, you can follow much of the goings-on in by heading through the source link below and over to the official website.

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