Bluboo To Release A $50 Android Wear-Powered Smartwatch Soon

Bluboo Uwatch 4

Bluboo is a China-based company which has announced two really interesting devices lately, their Xtouch flagship smartphone, and the Xwatch Android Wear-powered smartwatch. We’ve already talked about both of these devices thus far, the Xtouch is Bluboo’s most powerful smartphone, and the Xwatch is actually a sports smartwatch and the company’s first Android Wear-powered offering. Well, it seems like Bluboo is already preparing the 2nd-gen smartwatch, and we were able to get our hands on some images of the watch and additional info, read on.

According to the info Bluboo shared, and the info our source sent us, this smartwatch will be called Bluboo Uwatch. Unlike the Xwatch, this smartwatch will be more of a premium offering in terms of its design, as you can see in the images down below. The watch will sport a rectangular shape, and it seems like it will have a capacitive button below the display. This watch is actually expected to cost $49.99, and it will be available all over the world through China-based resellers starting this month.

The company hasn’t released any spec info when it comes to this smartwatch, but they do plan to release it this month, so we’ll let you know as soon as we get some additional information. That being said, this could end up being the most affordable Android Wear-powered smartwatch out there. We’ve seen a number of Android Wear-powered smartwatches announced this year, but none of them is close to the Uwatch as far as pricing is concerned. It seems like this watch will be made out of metal, and as you can see, the physical button will be located on its right-hand side. Now, the Bluboo Xwatch is still not available for purchase, so we didn’t expect to hear about the Uwatch so soon, but there you have it. Both of these smartwatches will be available for purchase before the end of the year, and chances are you’ll be ablet o get your hands on one before the holidays, stay tuned.

Bluboo Uwatch_3