Black Friday 2015: Nest Cam Security Camera For $169.99

November 27, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Earlier this year when Nest announced they were purchasing Drop Cam, it was widely speculated that Nest would be looking to launch their own version of a wireless security camera for the home. Sure enough, they did just that and released the Nest Cam. Normally these go for $199.99, but seeing as it’s Black Friday there was bound to be a deal on one somewhere. Amazon just so happens to be that retailer, and is carrying the Nest Cam on sale for just $169.99 right now as part of the deals for Black Friday.

If you’re looking into making your home more connected and more secure, the Nest Cam is one surefire way to do so, and it offers up features like 24/7 live video streaming, with video quality up to 1080p resolution so you can better pick out details if you need to. The camera is also outfitted with night vision, so it gets everything the camera sensor sees even when it’s dark. Nest has also made sure that the camera is equipped with a mic and speaker so you can use it to talk to people and listen to other audio, which Nest boasts is great for use as a baby monitor.

Buy The Nest Cam Security Camera - $169.99