Bell Media Scores HBO Exclusivity In Canada


The march of technology is moving quickly, revolutionizing everything from the way we connect with each other to the way we do daily tasks and entertain ourselves. When it comes to the latter category, there are tons of new streaming services, games and other media vying for our attention at a given time. Good old fashioned broadcast television, however, is still a thing and still has a place in many consumers' hearts and living rooms. Bell Media is definitely aware of this, being the largest broadcaster in Canada. Now, they've signed a deal with HBO that will definitely help to keep them in that position of power; they will be the sole provider of HBO in Canada through any medium for the next decade. HBO will also help them create original programming that will be made in Canada and broadcast worldwide.

This new agreement will give Bell and only Bell the license to distribute HBO's back catalog, current shows and all future content however they see fit. Bell already features a huge number of HBO's shows on their CraveTV online service for subscribers, but with this new deal, they'll gain exclusive rights to all HBO programming to provide as they see fit, including pay per view, on demand, traditional cable, streaming and more creative means. The entire catalog in English and French will be rolling out slowly, but Bell's Super Ecran pay service will continue serving up French-language HBO shows.


Also announced was a partnership focused on creating original content by tapping into Canada's huge pool of talent. New original shows will be co-written, co-directed and shown worldwide by HBO with Bell's help. The usual suspects, being comedies, dramas and factual shows, are all slated to be on board. Pictures/Artists Studio, Rhombus Media, and Force Four Entertainment, among others, have already lined up to make originals specifically for this deal. Up and coming Canadian comedians will also be considered, whether for stand-up or comedy shows and movies. This will, hopefully, give fledgling Canadian talents that would otherwise fade into obscurity a chance to prove to the world that they are ready for prime time.

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