AT&T Intros Free Roaming In Mexico For Share Value Plans

November 12, 2015 - Written By Daniel Fuller

In the wake of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Patricia, carriers have been rolling out initiatives left and right to allow customers to communicate with friends and family who may have been affected. With all of the major carriers offering free calls and texts to Mexico already, AT&T has decided to take things a bit further. They’ve rolled out a new initiative targeted towards those visiting the country in person to comfort affected loved ones or offer a hand, as well as businesses reaching out to Mexico or helping with redevelopment and economic rebuilding efforts.

As of November 13, AT&T Mobile Share and Mobile Share Value customers, as well as business customers, will have the option to add the AT&T Mexico Roaming Bonus to their plans. The plan entails free unlimited calls and texts within Mexico, as well as from Mexico to the United States. The plan also includes 1 GB of free data per each line. Each gigabyte beyond that initial one will cost $20, with international calls besides the U.S. and Mexico charging their normal rate. The addon itself comes at no charge, of course. The 1 GB of data provided does not roll over each month and is subject to overages, but hey, a free international gigabyte is a free international gigabyte; more than enough to keep up to date on social media and keep up with your email inbox. You can always, of course, get more internet for your data allotment using Opera Max.

A one month minimum term is required to sign up, but for lighter users or those who plan to show discretion while in Mexico, this being an inclusion to their normal plan at no charge is significantly cheaper and less of a hassle than unlocking your device and popping in a Mexican SIM card. Even if you plan to be there a while, 1 GB of data is sufficient for light usage, with calls and texts being completely free and unlimited to facilitate all the communication one could need across the border. The new plan is available to customers old and new with a qualifying plan starting Friday.