ASUS Sends Out Invites for CES 2016 Event, ZenFone 3 Time?


This year is quickly coming to an end, and as is so often the case the Holidays are creeping up on us nice and quickly. There is of course, still plenty of time to get that shopping done, but for a lot of us we’re already looking ahead to 2016. Every January, CES, or the Consumer Electronics Show, kicks off the year of technology in Las Vegas, with companies from all over the world announcing new products that will be hitting shelves throughout the rest of the coming year. ASUS is a company that’s no stranger to CES shows of the past, and the Taiwanese firm often use it as a launching pad for a lot of new products.

CES 2015 saw them announce the ZenFone 2, a device that has been selling fairly well throughout 2015. During the show, many were taken aback by the amount of specs and value that ASUS managed to pack into their second smartphone. Since then, it’s gone on sale in the US, throughout Europe and helped make a name for ASUS in India. Just recently we were sent an invite to a Media Event held by ASUS during CES 2016 on January the 5th. Just what ASUS is going to announce we don’t know yet, as we can’t see the future, sadly. One of the products that ASUS might unveil however is the ZenFone 3. Not only because they announced the ZenFone 2 during CES 2015, but also because they marketed the device and introduced new models throughout the year.

Announcing any product at CES can go one of two ways, it can give you a long stretch to make the most of that product, or you can end up overpromising a device that might not ever hit shelves. For ASUS, the ZenFone 2 has been a success story, and we’re sure they’re looking to keep that ball rolling. Other announcements will no doubt include new Laptops, perhaps some fresh Chromebooks and presumably some more budget-minded Android tablets as we saw from them last year. Either way, we’ll be there with all of the news once the Holidays are out of the way and it’s back to the grindstone.