AnyLink Cable Lets you Charge your Smartphone from Any Gadget

Over on Kickstarter, there are new projects popping up daily. Some are pretty interesting while others...not so much. This charging cable from AnyLink really caught our attention though. As it helps to solve a problem that we all have. And that is battery life, okay not so much solve it, but help it out. Our phones are very powerful, and we use them for everything. Literally. Some phones can last all day, while others, not so much. AnyLink aims to allow you to charge your phone by plugging it into someone else's smartphone. Now this is a feature that is already part of a few devices, most notably the new Nexus 6P from Huawei (a few of their Mate series smartphones do it as well).

The AnyLink cable is actually really interesting. So on one end you have a micro USB and a Lightning adapter. So whether you have an Android or iOS device, you can still charge your device. While the other end is a full-sized USB port. Yes, our devices do not use a full USB port, but it does fold out into a micro USB connector. So you can plug it into a Galaxy Note 5 and a Moto X Pure Edition with ease. However, with it charging another device, that also means that it'll deplete some of the battery in the other device.

You can back AnyLink for as low as $16, which will get you the basic AnyLink cable. There are other options available as well. At the time of writing this, they are already at $4,441 pledged of their $10,000 goal, with about 43 days left to go in this campaign. So it's more than likely to hit its target, and even surpass it. Currently, their plan is to get AnyLink shipping in February of 2016. But as we all know with other Kickstarter projects, it could be delayed. Fortunately, they can update all of their backers easily through Kickstarter.

AnyLink is a great idea, but many will likely stick to carrying around various sizes of power banks. Seeing as some of them are very small - and can easily fit in your pocket -  these days.

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