Android-Powered OXY Smartwatch Needs Your Help On Indiegogo

OXY Smartwatch campaign 2

A number of companies have released smartwatches this year. Some of those watches run Android Wear, some Android, and some third-party OS’s, Pebble, Apple Watch, a number of watches from China, etc. That being said, we keep on seeing new innovative smartwatches being released, and some of them are one step from that phase. OXY is a good example of that, the OXY Smartwatch is actually currently listed on Indiegogo, waiting for you to pitch in and help make it a reality, read on.

This smartwatch has been developed by OXY Technologies, and is a really interesting product. If the campaign is successful, the watch will be available in Silver and Black color options, and it is made out of metal (CNC finished 316L Stainless Steel). As you can see in the images down below, OXY intends to release both the square and circular variants of the watch in order to cover pretty much everyone’s needs. All in all, this is a very sleek looking smartwatch.

What about its software? Well, according to the company, OXY Smartwatch will run a custom version of Android on it, not Android Wear. This actually gave the company a chance to change the design and usability of the interface, while keeping the benefits of Android intact. The watch will be able to run any application compiled for Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, and most of them compiled for Android Wear, not to mention that it will be compatible with both iOS and Windows 10 as well (in addition to Android, of course).

The company has also mentioned that the watch will sport an AMOLED display with Corning’s Gorilla Glass on top of it. The watch will be fueled by the MIPS M200 SoC, and will ship with 1GB of RAM on the inside, not to mention it will sport 8GB of internal storage. There will be all sorts of gestures available here, and to find more about the usage of the watch itself, check out the provided video clips and images (down below). That’s pretty much it, if you’d like to help OXY raise $250,000 on Indiegogo, follow the source link down below.