Android Marshmallow Soak Test For Moto G 2014 Begins

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Moto G (2014) owners can now rejoice as news is coming in that an Android 6.o (Marshmallow) soak test has started for select users, who had previously registered for the soak test program. The good news with the start of a soak test, is that it normally means an official roll-out for the same device is typically not that far away. Motorola was one of the first companies to announce their list of devices that were scheduled to receive the update to Android Marshmallow.  The list included Moto X Pure Edition, Moto X Style, Moto X Play, Moto G (2015), DROID Turbo, Moto Maxx, Moto Turbo along with Moto G 2014.  Moto G 2014 device seems to be one of the earlier generation models due to receive an update soon.

Although not much in terms of a design overhaul, Android Marshmallow brings with a series of performance improvements over Android Lollipop.  Noteworthy among them would be the introduction of fingerprint sensor support.  Until Marshmallow, manufacturers had their own solution implemented on respective devices but now that is set to change with Marshmallow.  With Marshmallow, Google Now has now evolved into Google Now on Tap.  The user long-presses the Home button and based what is on the screen, contextual information is provided to the user related to that topic.  App permissions are another area where Marshmallow update greatly improves over Lollipop.  From now on, users can grant or deny app permissions individually.  Also, you get to revoke earlier granted permissions for apps.  Marshmallow introduces a new Doze feature using the smartphone’s sensors to decide whether the phone is being used or not, and sends the phone into a standby mode.

Motorola has always been one of the manufacturers who looks to offer speedier updates to the latest version of Android and typically for a large selection of their devices.  Even after changing hands from Google to Lenovo, Motorola has still been looking to offer faster updates to its devices. It is worthwhile to note, the Moto G was one of the very first models to bring a price disruption in the budget smartphone segment.  Moto G brought in a series of features that were considered reserved for premium phones.