Amazon Prime Members Can Now Share Unlimited Photo Storage


When it comes to photos and images, it seems everyone is obsessed with Google Photos. This is a feature-rich attempt from Google to make them your default photo app and it seems to be working. In its short existence, the app has generated quit a substantial user-base already and is seeing very routine and interesting updates. As such, this is probably the app the other photo apps would like to beat right now. Like for instance, Amazon. Amazon do offer their own photo app which is aptly named, Amazon Photos. However, the Amazon one works more like a backup service than the feature-rich service you see with Google Photos. As such, recently Amazon has been starting to increase its app's features. It was only a few days ago that Amazon pushed out an update to the Photo apps which included a number of new features like 'This Day'

Well, if you are a Prime member, then it looks like Amazon is taking a multi prong attack to dealing with the likes of Google Photos. Until now, If you were an Amazon prime member then you were offered unlimited storage space for your photos, as part of the Prime member and one of the many perks on offer. Now, it seems Amazon has opened up the unlimited storage so that it can be shared by more than one user. In fact, it can only be shared with one other user at the moment.


While most Prime perks are designed to offer value for money and attract new customer to Prime membership, it does seem that this is more about exposing users to the cloud service offered by Amazon and getting users uploading their images. In fact, this seems like a way in which it could boost Amazon Photos downloads as if a user does have access to the unlimited storage (without being a Prime member) they are probably more likely to test the app out as well, as that is the easiest way to upload your images to the free storage. So, this is likely another measure that Amazon is currently using to take on Google Photos, rather than a promoting Prime.

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