Amazon Photos Adds This Day Feature & Improves Album Management


When it comes to images and apps, most of the talk, most of the time, revolves around one app, Google Photos. The latest news being that Google has purchased Fly Labs and are looking to introduce a video editing suite to Google Photos soon enough. However, Google's take on Photos is not the only app available. In fact, there is a bunch of apps currently available on the Play Store which can offer you similar levels of service. One of the alternative options on offer is Amazon Photos and for those who have yet to try out the app, Amazon Photos received an update today and one which comes with some nice additional features.

To be more clear, this is not as much of a standalone photos app (like Google Photos), as it is more of an image backup app. One of the main purpose of Amazon Photos is to offer an easy and convenient way to backup all your images to Amazon's Cloud services. Again, much the same way as Google Photos does with Google Drive. Of course, having an app which automatically backs up all your images, while handy, can lead to quite the disorganized Cloud experience. To try and combat the disorganization, one of the newly added features is the ability to create an album when uploading photos. The new Create Album tool is located in the action bar and when uploading an image, you can simply set the album name and the image is stored in the appropriate folder.


There is also a number of other new features too. For instance, there is now a new timeline feature which lets you look at all images that you have been taken on this day over the years. The new feature is appropriately named 'This day" and is actually a feature which is similar to one introduced to Google Photos not too long ago. In fact, even the names are quite similar with the Google Photos version dubbed 'Rediscover This Day'.  Back to the albums briefly, and the latest update also lets you now edit and rename albums, change the album image and even share the album with friends and family, all from within the app. Those interested can check out the update changelog (and the app in general) by heading through the link below.


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