Xiaomi Has Started Rolling Out MIUI 7 Globally

MIUI 7 October 27th 2015 1

Xiaomi is first and foremost a smartphone manufacturer, but this company likes to be considered much more than that. This China-based company has released a number of various smart gadgets this year, but they also develop their own software. Their MIUI OS is actually an Android-based OS which comes pre-installed on their phones and tablets. Xiaomi has unveiled a new version of MIUI, MIUI 7, earlier this year, both the Chinese and the international variant of the OS. That being said, the company has released a confirmation that MIUI 7 will begin rolling out to their devices on October 27th, and that’s exactly what happened today.

The stable build of MIUI 7 has begun rolling out to Xiaomi-branded devices. The beta build has been around for quite some time now, in case you didn’t know. Anyhow, the update is currently rolling out to following handsets: Xiaomi Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi Pad, Mi Note, Redmi 1S 3G, Redmi Note 4G and Redmi 2 (Prime). The update will roll out to these devices gradually, as it’s usually the case. If you simply cannot wait for the update to hit your phone, you can always manually download the ROM for the device and flash it. These are not the only devices that will get the update though, many more Xiaomi-branded smartphones will receive MIUI 7 in the future, here’s a list.

The MIUI 7 brings forth a ton of improvements to the OS, including new themes, better battery life, better performance and a number of new features. Xiaomi is including XXL Text, Baby Album and Showtime features in this update, which we’ve talked about plenty of times before. If you’d like to check out a full changelog of the newest version of Xiaomi’s OS, click here. All in all, MIUI 7 doesn’t look that much different than MIUI 6, but the update does bring a whole lot of improvements to the table, and performance and battery life are most important ones, especially if you don’t care that much about new features that are available. That’s pretty much it, if you own any of these devices the update should be knocking on your door really soon, if not, stay tuned.