Xiaomi To Launch 'Next Generation' Product (Mi 5?) On Oct 19

Xiaomi October 19th 2015 event teaser 1

Xiaomi has released a number of devices this year, including the company’s Mi Note and Mi Note Pro flagship phablets which were announced back in January. Since then, Xiaomi has released quite a few devices, and various smart gadgets as well. The company still hasn’t unveiled their Mi 5 flagship though, a device which has been rumored plenty of times thus far. This smartphone was expected to arrive back in July, but Xiaomi still didn’t unveil it. We haven’t seen a single Mi 5 rumor for a couple of weeks now, and Xiaomi has just released a new teaser on the company’s official Weibo account, which is could indicate Mi 5’s arrival, read on.

If you take a look at the provided image, you won’t get to see much, especially if you don’t know Chinese. You will notice the October 19th date being teased on the image, and the Chinese letters on this image translate to ‘Next Generation’. This is quite obviously a teaser for a new launch by the company, and considering recent rumors, our best guess is that the Xiaomi Mi 5 will finally launch. This device is long overdue at this point, and even though some rumors indicated that the device might not arrive before November / December, this might be it. It is possible, however, that Xiaomi is teasing something else here, like the Mi Pad 2 announcement for example, so keep that in mind. We’ll find out what’s it about in a week, until then, let’s check out Mi 5’s leaked specs, shall we.

According to some previous info, the Xiaomi Mi 5 will sport a 5.2-inch 1080p (1920 x 1080) display along with 4GB of RAM and a couple of internal storage variants. Previous leaks have also said that the device will ship with Snapdragon 820 on the inside, but if Xiaomi intends to release this device before 2016, that’s highly unlikely. Qualcomm’s SoC will be available in Q1 2016, so unless Xiaomi intends to wait with the release of this device until then, the Mi 5 will sport some of the currently available SoCs. It is possible that this will be the first smartphone to ship with MediaTek’s Helio X20 SoC on the inside. Anyhow, the Mi 5 is also said to sport a 16-megapixel snapper on its back, and an 8-megapixel shooter up front. Android 5.1.1 Lollipop will come pre-installed on this device with Xiaomi’s MIUI 7 OS available on top of Google’s OS.