Wunderlist Updated for Android With Fresh New Tweaks


On Android, there are tons of different todo list apps for Android, but often the best available are those that sync across all the different platforms you use. For a long time now, Wunderlist has been a great option for this, as it works on PC, Mac, the Web as well as Android and iOS. Not too long ago, Microsoft purchased the company behind Wunderlist, 6WunderKinder. Since then, a Wunderlist app for Windows 10 devices has launched, and now Android is getting a fresh coat of paint and some tweaks in one of the bigger updates since Wunderlist 3.0 was launched some time ago.

On the whole, this update softens the overall appearance of the Android app, and tries its best to make things easier to read and easier to see. Your profile picture is no longer quite as big as it used to be, and the Detail view for a main task is now a lot cleaner. Subtasks and due dates are separated clearly and icons are consistent throughout the whole design. A new feature that's been added to the Wunderlist Android app is the ability to quickly add todos from the notification tray. You need to enable this in settings, but then once you have done, a persistent notification will appear letting you add notes to Wunderlist without leaving your current app.

Not too long ago, Wunderlist finally adopted Google Now, and your tasks and their due dates appear in the Google App, but now Wunderlist has adopted Now on Tap as well. For devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow, a long-press of the home button in Wunderlist will now let Google bring up relevant information using Now on Tap. This could be useful for movie times or directions to a new meeting place, for instance.


Wunderlist has been a fan-favorite for some time now, and its easy to see why. You can add due dates in plain English when you add a task, the look and feel is familiar across platforms and it can be as simple or as complicated as you like. Fancy just making lists of things to tick off? You can do that. need to create complete tasks with notes and subtasks? It can do that as well. Now if Microsoft can only persuade them to remove premium wallpapers…

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