Video: OnePlus X OxygenOS 2.1 Overview

OnePlus X Cermaic AH 9

Back when the OnePlus One launched it marked the start of an amazing partnership between the team behind the super popular CyanogenMod custom firmware solution for Android phones and of course OnePlus themselves.  Over the months after the launch of the phone this partnership dissolved for various reasons, and OnePlus decided it better to start their own in-house team made up of team members from another popular custom firmware solution out there: Paranoid Android.  It’s this team of developers that makes up the heart of OxygenOS, OnePlus name for its custom version of Android special built for its devices.

OxygenOS 2.1 launches with the new OnePlus X and it’s based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop.  There’s the same familiar features here that you’ll find on the OnePlus 2, and that’s because these phones are being developed for at the same time with feature parity, focusing on price and hardware differentiation instead.  Take a look at our quick overview of the features of OxygenOS 2.1, as we spend most of the time going through the exclusive features of the device over some other Android phones on the market.  All the standard Google apps are here and not a whole lot more, meaning there’s almost no bloatware included on your OnePlus X.  Don’t forget to check out our camera overview video as well as the full hands on video of the hardware as well!