Video: OnePlus X Camera Overview with Samples

OnePlus X AH 29

When the OnePlus One launched last year it ushered in a brand new redesigned Cyanogen camera software that blew us away with its quality.  Sure it wasn’t perfect but it was better than most other smartphone cameras at the time, and this year OnePlus launched the OnePlus 2 with its own in-house OS and camera software that felt like a fusion between Google Camera and the OnePlus One’s camera software.  Now that OnePlus is launching a more budget-minded phone in the OnePlus X it might be surprising to see that the camera software is exactly the same on this phone as it is on the OnePlus 2.  While it doesn’t feature 4K recording this Samsung ISOCELL-powered camera takes some pretty decent pictures, especially when considering the price.

Check out our walkthrough of the camera software and all its features, as well as some full resolution samples of the images and video we took with the device at the event.  While you’re at it don’t forget to check out our other video features on the OnePlus X including a full hands-on of both the Onyx and Ceramic versions of the phone, as well as a walkthrough of some of the features that make the OnePlus X special when compared to other phones on the market.