Video: Nexus 5x Unboxing and Setup with Speck Case

October 19, 2015 - Written By Nick Sutrich

Unboxing the latest hotness in tech is always an exciting experience.  Sliding off the sleeve, popping the seals on the box and smelling that freshly manufactured innocuous scent is like a little slice of heaven on Earth.  Of course you might have to be a tech junkie to appreciate some of the minutiae here, but if you’re just looking to find out what Google has included in the box and get a quick look at the device then you’ve come to the right place.  We even went through the first setup process for you so you can see just how fast that new Nexus Imprint fingerprint scanner really is.

Of course there’s also the Speck case that Google shipped us with the phone, which is one of the handful of cases that Google sells officially from its Google Store.  Google partnered up with Speck and Adopted to bring some additional cases on launch day, besides their own cases of course.  All of these cases have a very different look and feel, and Speck’s case falls right in line with what you might have come to expect from the company.  Check out our full Nexus 5x review here as well as the full Nexus 6p review to find out which is the best bang for your buck!