Video: LG V10 Snap Share and Quick Share

LG V10 AH 4

The new LG V10 is a smartphone that’s destined to set itself apart from the pack by offering up some new features that haven’t been seen on a smartphone yet. Besides its interesting hardware which offers a second screen to present notifications and other content in a more efficient way, it also sports some awesome new software features that take advantage of the processing power and additional cameras the V10 packs. On the front you’ll find not one but two selfie cameras, one with an 80-degree lens and one with a 120-degree wide-angle lens for catching all the action behind your face. Bringing these cameras together with the 16-megapixel rear-facing camera is a suite of software tools designed to help you share those precious moments with friends and family in a more efficient manner, something that seems to be a bit of a trend with the V10.

The new Quick Share feature does just what it sounds like and assembles quick montage videos designed specifically for sharing with social networks. Do you have some amazing moments that you want to share but are stuck behind that pesky 15-second video time limit? Quick Share automatically creates 15-second highlight clips of any video to share and lets you dive deep down to edit things like frame-rate and cuts in a super easy way. There’s also Snap Share which is designed to bring together all 3 cameras on the LG V10 in a unique and interesting way by breaking each camera into customizable frames. Combining this with Quick Share brings the whole package together and is guaranteed to make your memories even more interesting than ever before. Check out the video below as well as the rest of our LG V10 coverage!