Video: LG V10 Overview

LG V10 AH 6

Today in New York City we got our first hands-on with LG’s brand new V10 smartphone, powered by Android 5.1 Lollipop. The V10 is the first in a brand new series of premium smartphones that’s designed not just for horsepower and features but also to withstand a little more of a beating than your average phone would. This is done by a new construction that LG hasn’t done before, a stainless steel frame, as well as some additional protective housing around the back. LG told us that the phone could pretty consistently be dropped from a height of 48 inches without damaging the device, a height that’s more common for a phone to be dropped from than any other.

In addition to this brand new construction LG is really focusing on the user experience of the device, packing in the same Snapdragon 808 hexa-core processor that’s found in the LG G4 that launched just a few months ago. You’ll find a rather interesting second screen above the main one that does all sorts of cool things too. It’s no surprise to see LG working on some more things that continue to make it unique among the dozens and dozens of players out there in the smartphone world, as competition has continued to increase and significantly cut into LG’s marketshare.

Last but certainly not least are all the new camera features of the LG V10, something that we’ve seen LG focus on before but never quite this much. Manual mode from the G4 makes an appearance here in even greater form, delivering more control than any other smartphone on the market. Check out our camera hands-on video here and of course don’t forget to check out the overview one below!