Video: LG V10 Manual Focus and Directional Audio

LG V10 AH 9

The LG V10 is a brand new phone that’s set to start a series of premium smartphones from the South Korean manufacturer.  Among the many features included with the V10 is a manual camera mode that can do just about anything you’ve ever wanted to do when it comes to manually adjusting the image of your pictures and videos.  Bringing an enhanced interface and all new modes is just the tip of the iceberg for LG, as they’ve even included some pretty fancy new directional audio and manual focus modes for video.

Manual focus is something more familiar on a standalone camera and more professional solutions but not so much on a smartphone.  While LG had begun to really pioneer manual modes starting with this year’s G4, it’s taking that manual mode software to new heights with the new hardware that’s on board the V10.  Both the manual focus and directional audio modes are something quite special and are unique to the V10 among the few smartphones that have manual modes.  Check out how each mode works in this video and don’t forget to check out the rest of our LG V10 coverage as well!