Video: LG V10 Camera Walkthrough

LG V10 AH 8

LG’s brand new V10 smartphone is packed full of all sorts of amazing technology, and while it doesn’t pack the absolute biggest and baddest processors on the market it certainly looks to be working on its camera game in a significant way. Much like Google’s announcement of a brand new sensor in the Nexus 5x and Nexus 6p, LG is touting some advanced camera sensors here as well as the most advanced camera software found in any smartphone on the market. While the LG G4 that just recently launched flung smartphone manual modes into new heights, the V10 brings it even closer to DSLR quality with manual mode for video as well as pictures.

In addition to this LG is packing three microphones on the phone that are used to record directional audio as well as provide some additional noise cancellation over the standard dual-microphone setup on many modern smartphones. Let’s not forget all of the other creative features too like quick share, which automatically resizes all your pictures and video to work best with your favorite social network. We’re not just talking compressing the pictures or lowering the resolution of the video either, but intelligently creating clips of your videos to work best with said social network. Check out all the goodies LG is packing in this brand new phone and how it could end up being one of the real killer devices of 2015.