Verizon Release 415 MB Security Update for LG G4

Security patches and software updates have been in the media for much of the year, seemingly started by the news of the Stagefright vulnerability discovered deep in Android's code. Truthfully, security has been an issue for a lot longer than this but the Stagefright vulnerability is one of the biggest Android scares and necessitated something of a change in attitude from Google when it comes to security updates. Google promised security patch updates on a monthly basis and added an update date into Android 6.0 Marshmallow so that customers can see how up to date their device is. However, whilst Google Nexus customers might be benefiting from monthly updates, other devices are almost certain to be less lucky. HTC, as one example, have said that monthly software updates are unrealistic, presumably given the overhead involved with a manufacturer's third party skin over the top of Android. We also know that carriers feel the need to test every new software version and in some cases, add their own pre-installed applications . It is not difficult to imagine a carrier branded, non-Nexus Android device receiving an update several months after is it released, which defeats the point of Google's monthly updates.

However, putting this aside, there is news today that Verizon has released a software update for the LG G4. The release notes show that there are only "security enhancements," which is a different way of plugging discovered security holes in Android. However, the update is a little over 400 MB in size and we are aware that the other big North American carrier, AT&T, has released a software update for the LG G4. AT&T's update includes performance fixes and improvements for the device's touchscreen and keyboard, plus others. It may be that the released update for the LG G4 on Verizon is the same as the AT&T update, as 415 MB of updates would appear to include a large number of fixes.

Readers may remember that the North American carriers were able to silently push an update to the LG G4 shortly after the device was released without customers being aware that there was an update being downloaded and installed, instead their G4 simple rebooted. Thankfully, this does not appear to be the case with this particular update as users are advised that there is an update and asked for permission to install and reboot the device. However, if you are using a Verizon-branded LG G4, the update should arrive automatically over the next few days. You can, however, manually check for updates by visiting the Settings, About Phone menu.

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