Verizon Could Introduce A Larger Ellipsis Tablet Soon


There might be a few reasons that explain the declining sales in the mobile industry, it started with tablets, but it has extended to smartphones as well. While tablets have been getting thinner and more powerful, each new generation offers only a few reasons to upgrade as the hardware doesn't change significantly, the screen resolution is pretty much the same and the internals of previous generations are already capable enough. Another reason might be that mid-range tablets, even as they don't have the best resolution, they are usually made out of plastic or they might not integrate the most powerful processors, they get the job done for a fraction of the price.

Some wireless carriers have some exclusive devices in order to get customers using them with their networks, and now that some companies have stopped making tablets, some carriers started building theirs for that same reason. That is the case of Verizon Wireless, which has released some compact tablets with 4G LTE capabilities. The Ellipsis 7 was introduced on November 2013 and it was succeeded by the Ellipsis 8, which was introduced about a year later. Now, the famous leaker @evleaks has shared an image of what looks like a new and larger member of the Ellipsis family. The image shows a tablet in landscape mode and the naming scheme of the company further suggests that this is a 10-inch tablet, as it is apparently named Ellipsis 10.


On the front, there's a Verizon logo at the bottom, which happens to be the old one and not the one that was introduced last month. The tablet seems to have front-facing stereo speakers, some buttons and ports on the sides and cameras on the back and front. The logo on the back suggests that it will once again have 4G LTE capabilities. The screen shows a launcher that belongs to Lollipop or Marshmallow, although the former operating system is more likely to run on this tablet. The rest of the specs remain uncertain, but this would probably be a mid-range tablet. Following Verizon's tradition, we could expect the tablet by the month of November and since both of the previous tablets were priced at $250, perhaps this one will be priced similarly.

Verizon Ellipsis 10 leak_3

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