TWRP For Nexus 5X Now Available Although Hindered By Encryption


For those who often root, in fact, for those who have rooted a device at least once, then the chances are good that you are familiar with TWRP. This is one of the most popular post-root backup and ROM install tools out there. One of the reasons it is so popular, is the fact that its support extends to an incredible wide range of devices. Not to mention, the TWRP team are incredibly quick at starting on a device's support once it is released. So much so, that every time a device does come through, the race is on to see how quickly aspects like TWRP support, root and the likes all become available.

For the habitual rooters, then TWRP suport after the release of a new device will be something that is of interest to those thinking about picking up one of the latest and greatest handsets. Well, two of the latest handsets are in the process of arriving in user's hands right now. These are the two Nexus devices, the Nexus 6P and the Nexus 5X. As such, those interested in rooting either of these will be waiting for their support to go live. On that note, TWRP has now made support for the Nexus 5X available. This comes in the form TWRP However, unlike the rest of the devices which often see their support being confirmed, the Nexus 5X support does come with a caveat.


The Nexus 5X is a device which comes with encryption enabled out of the box and this current version of support does not offer a means of decryption. As such, the TWRP listing does note that users will have to format data and find a boot image which includes 'forceencrypt disabled' before they will be able to make use of TWRP. The new listing does also note that they do plan to work on this, although they are waiting until they have a device in-hand before they can do so. Either way, if you are interested in getting hold of TWRP for the Nexus 5X then the listing is now live. Head through the source link below

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