Transparent Launcher Is A Unique Take On A Home Launcher

October 13, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Android is all about customization, and one of the best ways to customize your device to make it your own is by installing a third party launcher. Some home launcher apps like Nova or Apex launcher have vast amounts of customization options like swipe gestures to open up apps, themes, and support for icon packs. You can basically design it to look and function exactly how you want. If you want to keep things a little more minimalist however but still have things looking cool and unique, Transparent Launcher just might be able to fit the bill as something which gives you a fresh new look but without adding a ton of features you aren’t really looking for.

In theory, Transparent Launcher is like any other home launcher in that it gives you a homescreen where you can launch apps and such. In reality though, it’s not actually a launcher at all. What Transparent launcher does is open up the viewfinder of your camera to show whatever the camera sees on the homescreen, with all of your apps laid out on the screen in the same fashion as they would be on an iPhone, without an app drawer. This gives the launcher a unique look as the backdrop is always whatever the camera sees.

This also means that you can’t actually hit the home button to go back to the homescreen of transparent launcher as it’s essentially an app you open. This might cause some people to be a little annoyed with that fact if they frequently use the home button to back out of apps. Aside from this one particular detail, Transparent Launcher looks and acts like a real launcher for the most part, and that’s what matters. You can access all of your apps, the recents menu, as well as the status bar and nav bar. If you’re looking for something not quite the norm when it comes to launcher options, Transparent Launcher is worth a look. If you want something a little more traditional, then you may want to look elsewhere for something that gives you more options for customization and acts an actual launcher to replace the stock launcher on your device. Transparent Launcher is also free, so if you feel like giving it a try there’s no cost.