Top 10 Best Android Wear Apps and Faces Monthly - October 2015 Edition

Each and every month we try our best to bring you a mix of the best new Android Wear apps and watch faces. This month, we have a little of the Halloween alongside some simple, and interesting new apps and interactive watch faces. So, let's see what we have on offer this month, shall we?

CAPACITOR - Watch Face

In case you hadn't noticed, October 21st was the day that Marty McFly from Back to The Future II traveled to in the year 2015. Our 2015 looks a lot different from that one, but there's a good chance you re-watched the films and will be dressing up as a DeLorean for Halloween. Either way, this Capacitor watch face from Tha PHLASH is a great watch face to celebrate a little geek culture, and it looks good regardless.

Hangman Wear

Games on Android Wear might not have taken off like we thought they would, but simple games like these are just what we like. A great way of taxing your brain a little without taking your phone out of your pocket, Hangman Wear is free and simple. It might not be great to play in public, you might get some funny looks, but it will easily pass the time.

Halloween Watch Face

We promised a little Halloween spirit this month, and here it is. This simple Halloween watch face for Android Wear watches gives you a little of the spooky spirit on your wrist, and even if you only wear it on the 31st, this is a little bit of fun that the kids will appreciate as well.

Delta Watch Face

Time for something a little more serious, and Delta is a simple watch face for those that like analog watch faces, as well as Roman Numerals. There's not much to say about this watch face, which is perhaps more of a good thing depending on what you look for in a watch face. A classy affair, something like this would look great on the Huawei Watch or Moto 360.

Score for Android Wear

Simple is what all Android Wear apps should be, and Score for Android Wear is very much a simple app, albeit one that has a genuine purpose to it as well. If you use an Android Wear watch for sport, this can be a great way of keeping track of who's winning, and I personally have been using it to keep track of pool game wins and losses. Very handy, indeed.

GameOn Watch Face

Interactive watch faces were introduced to Android Wear over the summer, and now more and more options are appearing for the platform. GameOn is a watch face that blends well, a watch face, with a simple game. You just tap to keep the Goat jumping over obstacles, and while it's not the most revolutionary concept out there, it's good fun and is a sign of things to come at the very least.

Simplest Note Ever

If simple really is your thing, then this little app will be right up your alley. This allows you to send notes to your Android Wear watch, and you can also use it on devices running Marshmallow as well. With no formatting or any attachment options at all, this really is simple, but for Android Wear users looking to display something on their wrist, this will get the job done and it is free with no ads as well.

Numarc Watch Face

Numarc is an Android Wear watch face for those looking for something that isn't digital or analog, either. A nice black and red option for users that want something a little different, this is a nice change of pace. There are other watch faces out there like this one, but this is a more simplified approach to things.

Moment for Wear (Beta)

Moment is a way for users to send each other simple little doodles done on their watch. A fun way to communicate when you can't get to your phone, or just a fun little app to play around. It's in beta right now, and is free to download and use, and the only thing that really seems to be an issue is how difficult it can be to draw on such small displays.

Watch Face - Smart

Smart is a watch face that will appeal to the Material Design fans out there, as well as those looking for a little color in their life without a complicated watch face to go along with it. All-in-all however, this is a simple options with weather included and it's a new face that could appeal to a lot of users.

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