This GPS Tracker For Pets Doubles Up As A Mobile Phone

October 16, 2015 - Written By Kishalaya Kundu

Mobile phones have become big business over the past couple of decades, as they’ve become an almost indispensable part of our lives. So much so that it is difficult to even remember a time when we weren’t carrying one with us. Everybody and their aunties literally have one these days, but thus far, they’ve only been restricted to humans for the most part. Until now that is. If a company based out of France has its way, our pets will soon start getting their own mobile phones! The French company with this unique new business strategy is called Weenect, and its product is aimed strictly at pet-owners who constantly worry about where their pets have been to when they haven’t been around.

Actually, in all seriousness, Weenect is in the business of making consumer-centric small GPS trackers, and their devices come as small handhelds for kids, or collars for pets like cats and dogs. The tracker of course, allows owners to track the daily activities of their beloved pets. The collar also incorporates a microphone and a speaker, which may come in handy to instruct the animal or to listen to the kind of environment or situations they’re getting themselves into. All a pet-owner needs is a SIM card, which will allow the collar to be tracked via an app installed on the users’ phones. There’s also geofencing, meaning everytime the pet breaches a pre-set perimeter, owners receive alerts on their mobile phones via the Weenect app.

As for the hardware, the tracking collars are available for both cats and dogs as already mentioned. The devices are fairly lightweight, with the cat version weighing in at just 25 grams, while the dog collar is expectedly a tad heavier at just over 40. Meaning, the designated pet cat or dog also wouldn’t feel physically burdened by lugging around a heavy weight around its neck the whole day. Since the whole tracking is GPS-oriented, the tracker works just about anywhere the satellites can get a signal from, meaning the wearer of the collar can be tracked over any distance, as long as the battery doesn’t die.

While the company hasn’t said anything specifically about the availability of the device in the US, it will definitely be available in Europe, if the product page on the company’s website is anything to go by. If the concept of a pet collar with a GPS tracker, a speaker and a microphone, has piqued your interest and you’re in the UK, you may pre-order the device for £60 as of now, but it will also need a SIM card, which will have to be topped up by £20 for a period of six months, or by £35 for a period of one year. All devices pre-ordered by the 15th of December will reach their rightful owners by Christmas, according to the company.