These Are Amazon & Best Buy's Most Popular Smartwatches

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Smartwatches are the latest craze tech companies are working to dominate. Though recent sales suggest their popularity has room for growth before they reach the scope of a smartphone, it seems every company is eagerly releasing their own timepiece. Retailers Amazon and Best Buy have no shortage of smartwatches. JeeQ Data, a firm that analyzes product sales, has reported the third quarter’s most popular smartwatches for these two retailers.

Amazon has stocked up on smartwatches and their market share is certainly diverse. The most popular smartwatch on Amazon is U Watch’s U8 Smartwatch Bluetooth Model, which was released last year. Coming in second is Motorola’s Moto 360 in black leather. The Pebble Smartwatch enjoys third place while the fourth most popular smartwatch is Apple’s relatively newer 42mm Space Gray Apple Watch Sport. The Singe Bluetooth 4.0 smartwatch found itself in fifth place. However, despite each watch’s individual status, Amazon’s overall market share between smartwatch manufacturers paints a different picture. Motorola, whose Moto 360 only rose to second place in sales, claims the largest portion of the smartwatch business on Amazon with 19.23%. Veteran Pebble sells 14.75% of all the retailer’s tech timepieces while Chinese manufacturer UZOU sold a close 14.43%. Samsung and Apple, two of the smartphone industry’s largest firms, completed the top five. Samsung’s smartwatches have 10.60% of the market share while Apple claims 7.43%.

Best Buy’s sales shares a few similarities to Amazon’s, though the lists are noticeable different. Fitbit claimed both top sports with their larger Surge smartwatch in black and its smaller counterpart. Samsung’s Gear Fit came in third while the company’s Gear 2 Neo ended up fourth. Pebble appears once more with its Pebble Time watch. The only other appearance from Amazon’s top five comes from the Motorola Moto 360 though its different color variants amounted for the sixth, seventh, and eighth slots. It should be noted that Best Buy has yet to sell the Apple Watch though signs point to strong demand. Whether or not the smartphone maker can make a bigger dent at Best Buy than at Amazon remains to be seen. Again, Best Buy’s overall market share is a distance from their most popular timepieces. Motorola seems to be the most popular smartwatch maker, topping both lists and selling 27.93% of Best Buy’s watches. Samsung had more success than at the online retailer with 26.30%, followed by Fitbit, who despite strong individual sales, managed only 20.11%. Pebble came in fourth with 17.17% and software maker Microsoft concluded the list with a smaller 5.54%.