The LG V10 Could Be The First In A New Line Of Devices

LG V10 AH B2 12

LG held an event this morning for the announcement of their next new device, the LG V10, which is a first for the company in a brand new series of smartphones that we’re likely to see more of in the future. LG made numerous mentions during the event that the V10 was the “first” V-series device, which suggests that they have plans to manufacture more V-series devices at some point, although they never explicitly stated as such. With an all new outlook and a new direction, the LG V10 could be the beautiful beginning of something spectacular from LG with a list of rich features and sleek design.

While the LG V10 has more than a couple design features from previous LG devices, like the QHD Quantum IPS display and the rear placement of the power button/volume rocker, the phone also has some firsts for any LG device as well as many smartphones in general. It features a manual mode for the video capture with plenty of video editing features that are aimed at enticing those who have a creative spirit and want to let it shine through their use of the V10. Also a first for LG, is the use of the secondary display that sits just above the main display, which can be used for accessing app shortcuts, or simply just for displaying weather, date, and battery information while the main screen is asleep, thanks to the secondary display being in an “always-on” mode.

Just like with the G Flex and the G-series devices, it looks like LG is gearing up to launch a new line of smartphones and this could be a new flagship series device for them, similar to the way Samsung has the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Note series. If LG plans on making more V-series phones, it’s possible that they plan to implement the secondary screen on future devices too, although there is no detail to support this at the moment. However, it would make sense as it seems to be a headlining feature on the V10, so it could be a main feature of the new line of devices. This may be LG’s first V-series device, but it’s bound to be the start of something potentially wonderful from the Korean company.