Tap Sports Football’s 1-Touch Controls Make For Simple Gaming

October 15, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Football games are a dime a dozen on mobile it seems, but none are likely as simple to play as the new football game from Glu which launched earlier this year called Tap Sports Football. The game boasts simple one-touch controls allowing anyone to get their fill of touchdown passes and onside kicks while playing the game with just one hand. It might seem a little odd as most of are probably used to playing games with both hands, but many of us surely hold our phones in one hand quite often, so why wouldn’t it be reasonable for some games to be played this way? Glu asked themselves the same question and decided they couldn’t find an answer. Enter Tap Sports Football.

This will be a little unlike what you might find from Madden NFL Mobile, but if that’s what you were looking for then Tap Sports Football is sure to please. It features real players from the NFL to make the game feel a little more realistic, and you can build your team by signing the players that you want to your team and take them to victory throughout the season. You can play single player games or you can challenge your friends or other players in a heated match to see who comes out on top.

Controls really are as simple as they claim, as all you have to worry about is tapping anywhere on screen to pass the ball or hand it off for a run. Before the game begins you’ll get to choose how you want to play, whether it’s with short and long passes, running plays etc., and then you’ll be able to execute those plays with one tap. Tap Sports Football features timed events that you can compete in which can offer up big rewards for players. While the controls are simple and playing the game is simple as well, there is a little bit of challenge involved as you’ll be making split-second decisions on what to do based on your current player stats, and whether a specific player may be guarded. Tap Sports Football is free and is available now in the Play Store┬áif you’re ready to bring your team a big win.