T-Mobile CEO to Send Verizon a Message, in the Sky


T-Mobile's CEO, John Legere has always been outspoken, and always getting attention. Whether it be good attention or bad attention. The CEO made a Change.org petition earlier this year, urging his competitors to #AbolishOverages. Which I'm sure many of us would love the carriers to do. Once that petition hit 250,000 signatures, Legere announced that he would send his competitors a message they can't ignore. And allowed users to vote on how that message would be delivered. Well It's being delivered by writing the message in the sky, in a Magenta airplane.

This morning, John Legere got up and did his usual Tweet storm over on Twitter. Talking about how Verizon and AT&T announced their earnings last week, and both brought in a ton of cash. A ton of your cash. And he decided that today is the day to send that message to Verizon. So T-Mobile's CEO is in Baskingridge, New Jersey, where Verizon's headquarters is at, and he's ready to send that message. What will the message say? We have no idea, but we should know shortly. Of course, the T-Mobile team is documenting the whole thing, so you might want to turn into Twitter today.


It doesn't seem like Legere is actually in the plane today, so unfortunately we won't get any periscopes from the flight. Which would be awesome. It'll definitely be interesting to see what the message says, and also what Verizon does in response to this message from Legere and T-Mobile. While I'm sure we can all agree that they need to get rid of overages, because they are pretty insane, this might be a step too far. But it does grab the headlines, including this one here, and that is exactly what John Legere is aiming to do. Get even more attention.

T-Mobile announces their earnings this week. It'll be interesting to see how much cash they pocketed during the three month period ending September 30th. We already know they added a ton of customers in the quarter. We'll be keeping tabs on this to see what T-Mobile does today as well as in their earnings.

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