T-Mobile CEO Celebrates Halloween With Scary Tweet Stories

T-Mobile's CEO John Legere is a fairly outspoken person, and often times much of the media attention he gets is focused around statements pertaining to the competition and why customers should choose T-Mobile. In his latest marketing effort, Legere attempts to fill consumers with fear for the other carriers by telling scary stories through his preferred medium; Twitter. Broken up into three different parts lasting about a minute to a minute and a half each, the tweets are short videos appropriately named "The Scarriers" as a way of celebrating and having a little fun with the upcoming creepy Halloween holiday that takes place this coming weekend while also trying to sway customers to try out the Uncarrier.

The story begins with an ominous set of sounds and a focus on the moon for a creepy undertone, then moving to a group of what can only be assumed are consumers sitting around a campfire playing with their devices, when just then John Legere walks up and sits down in the circle with the rest of them. He begins to tell the tale of the Scarriers and how they make customers feel safe with promises and big talk about why they're the best. It doesn't take more than ten to fifteen seconds of viewing to notice that, while Legere is serious in the way he is describing the competition, everything is played up quite dramatically for a more sinister effect to fit the mood.

This trio of tweets is the latest stunt from Legere to alert customers to the benefits of T-Mobile, following on the heels of his other most recent advertisement about data overages where they used a fleet of skywriters branded with the T-Mobile logos on the bottom of the planes, to plaster a message over Verizon HQ that stated "End Overages Now Verizon." It seems like good timing for it all as the nation's now third-largest wireless carrier attempts to draw attention to themselves leading up to next month's Uncarrier X event which takes place on November 10th. While perhaps not directly linked, any positive press about their own network as the next Uncarrier initiative approaches certainly won't hurt them. If you enjoy Legere calling out the other big carriers, you can check out each of the tweets below.


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