T-Mobile Calls & Texts To Mexico Free After Hurricane Patricia

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T-Mobile, the nation’s third-largest wireless carrier, is doing its part to assist subscribers with friends and family in Mexico, which has been experiencing calamitous weather conditions at the hands of Hurricane Patricia. Calls and texts to and from Mexico placed from Friday October 23rd to Saturday November 7th on T-Mobile’s network will be free. Although T-Mobile already offers free voice and text services to Mexico on its Simple Choice program, the carrier is temporarily extending the complimentary features to subscribers on its Pay-in-Advance service. If you’re subscribed to T-Mobile powered MetroPCS, GoSmart Mobile, or Wal-Mart Family Mobile, the same coverage now applies to you as well. The Uncarrier is also making calls and texts free within Mexico.

Hurricane Patricia became the strongest hurricane on record, with sustained winds of up to 200 miles per hour. Since its peak earlier this week, Patricia has largely dissipated and has been downgraded to a tropical depression with 35 miles per hour winds. Mexico has been the recipient of Patricia’s heavy rainfall and adverse weather effects, and before the hurricane’s strength lessened, the Category 5 storm was decimating the nation’s Pacific coast. Mudslides and flooding were common finds in areas hit by the hurricane. Fortunately, Mexico has been largely unscathed as populated areas were not in range of the storm and no fatalities have been reported. Popular areas for tourists were practicing safety procedures and successfully limited any potential problems caused by Patricia.  Still, T-Mobile’s offer is likely to come at a welcome time as some Mexican residents were advised to evacuate and are in otherwise unfamiliar circumstances.

T-Mobile has a history of aiding subscribers seeking to keep in touch with relations suffering from natural disasters. Earlier this year, the carrier offered free calls and texts to Nepal after the nation was ravaged from a series of earthquakes. Japanese tsunamis and typhoons in the Philippines have also triggered similar relief efforts by T-Mobile in the past. T-Mobile’s offer will run for two weeks. “Customers who placed calls on the 23rd will receive retroactive credits,” wrote T-Mobile on its website, referencing subscribers who had contacted Mexican residents before the carrier had officially announced their initiative.